, What


 MKECC, State your deal!

My deal is that I am, like, totally fine!  

Image of Gjeret, the guy that runs MKE Creative CollectiveMKE Creative Collective is the brainchild of Gjeret Stein, Owner and operator of a number of small tech businesses and - he cuts gemstones for jewelry.  During one of his Mastermind Group calls, he was showing off a custom link shortener he was working on to redirect his TikTok audience to his jewelry webshops.  The Zoom meeting got real quiet, then erupted into questions, What about tracking? What about Custom links, What about.....      And then the big question appeared. 

"How can we get this awesome service into the hands of our other members?"

Stop, Shift, Pivot.

The simple .htaccess redirect script stopped development.  And the developemnt of MKE Creative Collective was born and placed into the capable hands of Gjeret's Tech Company.  You can find it here!





We started getting some Must Haves:

  • Secure, Check
  • Quick, Check
  • Brand-able, Check
  • Easy to use, Check

And then, more advanced tools were brought in!

  • Edit saved links, Check
  • Track by Browser, Check
  • Track by Country, Check
  • Work as a Team, Check

The list goes on and on (and is growing and always getting better)

So, yes... We are a real company, backed by real people who are working hard to make an AWESOME tool for businesses!

Drop us a line at, we would love to hear from you!